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Study suggests women are more race conscious when ovulating.

Once again science shows that it is normal and healthy for someone to prefer to be around people of their own race.

Photo: This chart tracks the attitudes of white women toward black men based on different times during their cycle. White women were much more likely to avoid contact with black men when the chances of conception were the highest.

This CDN study suggests that women are born with a natural subconscious instinct to avoid men that are unlike themselves.


Although a considerable body of research explores alterations in women’s mating-relevant preferences across the menstrual cycle, investigators have yet to examine the potential for the menstrual cycle to influence intergroup attitudes.We examined the effects of changes in conception risk across the menstrual cycle on intergroup bias and found that increased conception risk was positively associated with several measures of race bias. This association was particularly strong when perceived vulnerability to sexual coercion was high. Our findings highlight the potential for hypotheses informed by an evolutionary perspective to generate new knowledge about current social problems–an avenue that may lead to new predictions in the study of intergroup relations.