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Adam Pearlman, another deranged product of the far-left.

Pakistan announced that they have captured the American born Al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn. A figure who keeps getting more bizarre. Gadahn was allegedly arrested in a Karachi slum. Some sources say that the identity has not been confirmed and it may not actually be Gadahn. The man who turned him in could potentially claim a $1 million reward from the US government if his identity is confirmed.

Adam Gadahn is the product of left-wing parenting growing up in California. Born Adam Pearlman, his grandfather was a board member of the Anti-Defamation League(ADL). The ADL is one of the most well funded extreme left-wing groups in the United States. His parents are said to have been members of the far-left “counterculture” at UC Irvine.

Pearlman initially rebelled against his parents by becoming a Christian as a teenager, but said he quickly grew bored of it. He became a Muslim at age 17 and attended services at the Islamic Society of Orange County. This is a radical fundamentalist mosque where the other Muslims nicknamed him “Adam the Jew.”

To prove himself to his new radical Muslim friends, he became even more radical than they were. He was arrested for assaulting the chairman of the Islamic Society of Orange County. He was sentenced to 40 hours community services, but instead fled to Pakistan and married an Afghan refugee.

Later he began appearing in Al-Qaeda propaganda videos aimed at radicalizing American Muslims. He injected the language of the American far-left into Al-Qaeda’s vernacular. Calling Obama a “house Negro,” and invoking Malcolm X.