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After decades of begging white people to adopt black children, ABC now suggests whites "psychologically harm" adopted black children.

The absurdity of the cult of multiculturalism continues to get worse and worse. After literally decades of begging white people to adopt the surplus of black orphans, ABC insults those who did.

In the 1980’s ABC was home to Different Strokes after it moved from NBC. A sitcom where a white family adopts two black orphaned brothers. ABC also created and aired Webster for years during the 1980’s. Also about a white family adopting a black orphan and deliberately created to encourage white adoption of blacks. Both shows used black midgets to portray black orphans so they would look extra “cute” and inspire whites to adopt their real life counterparts.

Well nothing is more absurd or self-destructive than the cult of multiculturalism among white liberals.

Two programs on ABC have recently denounced and vilified white foster parents of adopted black children. On March 3rd ABC World News ridiculed white people for adopting black children and suggested that white foster parents “do psychological harm” to the black orphans they adopt. Then on March 8th, ABC’s “the View” again vilified white foster parents.

The guest host of “The View” was green eyed Quadroon Vanessa Williams who said that she doesn’t want to hear any more stories about white people saving the day for blacks. Regular host Joy Behar agrees with Williams and says that black problems can not be solved by the largess of some liberal good family. Behar is a hysterical leftist herself.

This vilification of yesterday’s white multiculturalists by today’s multiculturalists is nothing new. As each new scheme created by this self-destructive cult fails, the new cultists create new schemes and denounce the old schemes as “racist.”

It never ends. Read More with transcripts.