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Anti-White Bigot Leonard Pitts attacks CofCC

The Miami Herald and the Myrtle Beach Sun published a column by notorious anti-white bigot Leonard Pitts, which attacks the TEA Party movement and calls the CofCC “racists.”

The staff at CofCC sent letters to the editor to both papers in response to the slur.

Leonard Pitts is an unqualified race hustler.

The column by Leonard Pitts attacking the TEA Party for being too white is no surprise. Pitts has a reputation of anti-white bigotry. A while back Pitts published a column mocking two young white victims of a brutal racially motivated double murder in Knoxville, TN. The victims were both gang raped, tortured to death, and their bodies mutilated. In response to a white columnists who wrote about the killings, Pitts wrote “cry me a river.”

When Pitts called the Council of Conservative Citizens(CofCC) “racists,” he did so because childish namecalling is the only weapon he has. Pitts would never debate a CofCC leader face to face. He doesn’t even state a single reason why the CofCC are “racists.” Calling someone a “racist” is graceless way of losing an argument.

If you are a TEA Party activist and your called a “racist,” stand up to it. The word has no meaning. It was coined in 1936 by Marxist activist Magnus Hirschfeld of the notorious Frankfurt School. The word “racist” was always intended to be a weapon to brow beat conservatives with. Nothing more.