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Brand new laugh out loud funny SPLC free rag.

The new issue of the so-called “Intelligence Report,” sent out for free to thousands of law enforcement addresses because none would actually pay for it, is out. The free rag is the main fund raising tool of the group. They constantly scream that armies of “skinheads and neo-nazis” are poised to take over the US in an orgy of violence. Then suckers send them money to fight this imminent threat. The money is mostly put into an “endowment” known to critics as the “Morris Dees Retirement Fund.” The group spends a tiny portion of the money on an occasional lawsuit against an impoverished target who lacks the means to defend himself. The group has massed $150 million and counting by not actually doing much of anything to fight anything. It has been denounced as a con job not just by the right, but by major newspapers and major left-wing publications like Harpers Magazine. Click herefor expose in Harpers Magazine by Ken Silverstein.

In this issue:

  1. The SPLC finally admits that their golden boy Hal Turner was a paid FBI provocateur. No longer will the SPLC be able to pretend that Hal Turner is a major figure and use him to vilify other people. Yet in the same article the SPLC points to an even more obscure weirdo who has no following whatsoever and tries to paint him as a major figure. A man named Bill White, who like Hal Turner, is on trial for thinly veiled deaths threats posted on the internet. White is a slum lord from Virginia that runs his own self-styled “nazi” group. Watch out! He may actually have five or six real members! The SPLC needs money to fight this major threat.
  2. The rag contains an entire article attacking people who think FEMA should be required to fully disclose what it does with the tax payers’ money. The horror! Glenn Beck is attacked in this article.
  3. An article bashing Lou Dobbs.
  4. An article bashing a laundry list of mainstream organizations that advocate for a secure border.
  5. An official SPLC enemies list that targets very mainstream organizations like The John Birch Society, The Constitution Party, and a state sanctioned volunteer disaster relief group in Ohio.
  6. An entire article attacking the National TEA Party convention and its keynote speaker Sarah Palin.
  7. An article that completely distorts the facts about interracial crime. Astronomically downplaying black on white crime. The SPLC makes its own rules when it comes to reporting crime. They have also claimed that rapists are not motivated by a hatred of women.

After flipping through the rag it seems that based on the information in this issue alone, over 75% of the US public would be considered an enemy of the SPLC.