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Police believe Citadel Star QB committed armed home invasion and robbery against assistant coach.

UPDATE: Charleston Police believe that the four thugs, including Citadel QB Starks, invaded the home of a young white couple prior to the attack on the assistant coach. A female victim was raped and the house was ransacked.

The prestigious Citadel Military college was disgraced when its star quarterback was arrested for shocking crimes against an assistant coach.

Citadel 1st string QB Miguel Starks is accused of being the ringleader of the home invasions/assault/robbery of an assistant coach. Starks had three accomplices, one a former Citadel student. Starks even stole the victim’s Citadel class ring.

Police believe that Starks and his accomplices may have committed other crimes as well.

From AP.

The school said Sunday it would not comment on the investigation, but released a statement from head football coach Kevin Higgins.

“Like the rest of The Citadel community we are shocked, angry and saddened by the alleged events involving Miguel Starks,” Higgins said. “Senseless does not begin to describe the situation. Miguel is an only child, loved and provided well for by his parents Michael and Sharon. He has many talents and football is just one of them.

“We will continue to cooperate with the investigation in any way that we are asked.”

Photo Left: Assistant Coach Josh Harpe was the victim.