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Congressional Black Caucus wants all felons to vote.

Democrats are seeking to gain millions of votes by allowing all felons, even those on parole, to vote. The NAACP, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, is naturally a leading proponent of this. The NAACP spends most of its time not advancing anyone, but excusing atrocious criminal behavior perpetrated by colored people.

The NAACP says that since black people are vastly more likely to commit a felony than a white person, state laws against letting felons vote are “racist.”

HR 3335, seeks to ban all state laws barring felons from voting. Including current parolees who have not finished their sentence. Radical left-wing Democrats and the NAACP believe that this will add up to 4 million voters to the roles. Of whom, almost all will vote Democrat.

Only two states, Virginia and Kentucky bar all felons from voting for life. Felons in 33 states must complete parole before voting rights can be restored. Most of those states also bar felons from voting if they are still on probation as well. Here is a colored coded map that shows each state’s laws on the matter. Click Here.