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Conservative mother of ten running for president of Austria. Media hate campaign begins.

A 51 year old mother of ten is running for president of Austria under the Freedom Party of Austria. Barbara Rosenkranz is a well known free speech activist. Kronen Zeitung, the largest newspaper in Austria endorsed her. However virtually every other daily paper in Austria and around Europe is viciously attacking her.

The Freedom Party of Austria(FPO) is a very conservative/populist political party. It currently has two seats in the EU. They control about 19% of the Austrian parliament with 34 seats. A second conservative/populist party based around former FPO leader Jorg Haider controls another 21 seats. That party has similar goals, but is seen as reaching out to young people by supporting environmental laws and minimum wage increases. However they support the same restrictions on immigrations. Both oppose ceding sovereignty to the EU. Socialist and communist control 77 and moderates control 51.

The five point platform of the Freedom Party of Austria is:

* No accession of Turkey into the European Union (EU)
* No intrusion of EU policy in Austria
* No increase in the Austrian contribution to the EU
* Restrict Austrian citizenship law
* Stop the abuse of the asylum system

Americans who like Sarah Palin are going to love Barbara Rosenkranz.