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Did Harry Reid campaign put fake "TEA Party candidate" on ballot in Nevada?

Ultra-leftist Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) is expected to face stiff competition from Armenian GOP candidate Danny Tarkanian. In fact some polls now show Tarkanian in the lead.

However, just as Reid started slipping in the polls, an unknown candidate representing a previously unknown “TEA Party of Nevada” has been added to the ballot.

Nevada conservatives are crying foul. The new candidate, Jon Scott Ashjian, is coincidentally also an Armenian. His political party is being listed as “TEA Party of Nevada.” However, none of the dozens of established TEA Party activist groups in Nevada have ever even heard of him. He has never spoken at any actually TEA Party rallies. The only information that has come out about him so far is that he owes $200,000 in back taxes.

The left-wing wing media is now calling Ashjian a “conservative” and a “TEA Party candidate.” Critics say Ashjian appears to be a straw man set up to siphon votes away from the GOP candidate and get Harry Reid elected. The Reid campaign is being accused of being behind it. Even if Reid is not, the media certainly seems to be using Ashjian for this purpose.

The TEA Party label, and the fact that both men are Armenian, seems to be a deliberate attempt to confuse casual voters.

Twenty leaders of established Nevada TEA Party activist groups have all signed a letter denouncing Ashjian as a fraud backed by the media and the Reid campaign.

The Nevada groups opposing Scott Ashjian are Anger is Brewing / Debbie Landis, National Precinct Alliance / Tony Warren, Citizens Awareness Network / Jesse Law, Nevada Active Conservatives / Duane Smith, Citizens in Action / Juanita Cox, Nevada Families Eagle Forum / Janine Hanson, Fallon Tea Party II / Bob Clifford, Nevada Patriots / Diana Orrock, Gardnerville Tea party / Ron Stevens, NvRA / Travis Christensen, Glenn Beck Meetup Group/ Sally Minster, P.A.C.T. / Janice Baldwin, Grassroots Nevada / Jamie Costello, Reject Reid / Sheila Danish, Las Vegas 9-12’ers / Jeff Waffle, Nevada 9-12 Americans / Charlene Bybee, Las Vegas Tea Party / Frank Ricotta, Western Representation PAC / Dustin Stockton, Patriot Caucus / Eric Odom and the Winnemucca Tea Party / Mike Myrhow.

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