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East St. Louis finally decides that white people weren't so bad.

Since 1950 it has lost almost two thirds of its population and is currently 98% black, making it one of the blackest (and most dangerous) cities in the United States.

After race riots in 1967, enough white people fled that East St. Louis elected its first black mayor in 1971. Since then it has been a black ruled city. It has had a long line of corrupt mayors and city officials. Huge sections of the city have been bulldozed because sewers failed and abandoned buildings were knocked down by locals to collect the old bricks. The St. Louis metro area has the largest used brick market in the world due to white flight.

In 2001, East St. Louis began receiving huge amounts of Federal and State funds to rebuild. Giving East St. Louis a shiny new city hall, a shiny new library, and other new buildings. The expensive developments have done nothing to reduce crime.

The 2006 extension of the St. Louis Metrolink into East St. Louis was supposed to bring new prosperity to the city. The expensive project was supposed to allow residents to seek jobs outside of the city. Instead there was an explosion of crime in St. Louis’ Western suburbs as East St. Louis gangbangers used Metrolink to commit crimes in more prosperous areas.

From Riverfront Times…

“I thought for sure it would pass, and then someone on the MetroLink campaign made the decision to advertise that the train would connect Mid Rivers Mall with East St. Louis,” Aytes recalls. “That pretty much killed it right there. Soon you had people saying MetroLink riders would come to St. Charles by train and leave by car — stolen car.”

Ten years later and a growing number of Saint Louis Galleria and Delmar Loop merchants worry that St. Charles voters may have been right: that maybe MetroLink actually enables criminals, especially teenage lawbreakers.

Ask virtually any store manager at the Saint Louis Galleria about shoplifting, and you’ll invariably get two responses: One, it’s out of control; and two, it’s gotten exceedingly worse since August 2006, when MetroLink opened a stop just 500 yards from the high-end shopping center.

In the first six months of this year, Richmond Heights police made 345 arrests at the mall. That’s nearly double the number of arrests made in all of 2005, before MetroLink opened its Shrewsbury line.

As we have reported before, there are a lot of African leaders who today say that they wish white people would come back. The older Africans reminiscence about how much safer and more prosperous Africa was under the white colonial powers. In many places, Africans have resorted to letting the Chinese take over.

It seems that East St. Louis has finally gotten so bad that residents are open to a return to “white rule.” City Council just voted 4-1 to hire their first white police chief in decades. Bob Jenne is a 60 year old who spent 2001 to 2006 cleaning up crime in 80% black Berkely, MO.

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