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Finnish "thought criminal" vindicated by Amnesty International?

Heinrik Holappa is being persecuted as a thought criminal by the Finnish government and the US state department.

Holappa is a young Finnish citizen who ran a website that published stories about the astronomically high rate of rape committed by immigrants, especially Muslims.

The Finnish government charged Holappa, who has no criminal record, with hate speech. Holappa legally came to the United States, hired an immigration lawyer for $2,000, and applied for political asylum. Instead ICE  imprisoned him in a Federal detention center for 87 days and then deported him to Finland.

Ironically the obscure Holappa became a hero and the Finnish prosecutor dropped the charges due to public outrage.

Keep in mind that there are millions and millions of illegal aliens. Over half of all illegal aliens with children are receiving welfare. Thousands of Americans are murdered by illegal aliens every year. Thousands of children are molested by illegal aliens every year. Over 3,000 Americans are killed by illegal alien drunk drivers every year.

Since Obama took office, ICE has been refusing to collect illegal aliens arrested by various sheriff’s departments. Obama recently ordered the release of illegal Haitian immigrants, who have already committed serious crimes in the US, released from detention centers.

Yet, Homeland Security found the time to persecute a law abiding legal resident who objected on the internet to immigrants raping Scandinavian women.

Today Amnesty International slammed Sweden for failing to protect its women from rapists. Click Here.

Yet Amnesty International falls short of identifying what segment of the population commits these rapes. How can women be protected from rape if the demographics of the perpetrators are censored!

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