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French Front National surges after Sarkozy’s move to the left.


Because the Sarkozy/Chirac UPM party is portrayed as “conservative” and the French economy has been rapidly deteriorating under the past two UPM presidents, French voters took a hard turn for the left. In reality, the UPM is not very conservative at all. It is most like American “neo-cons” like Lindsey Graham, Karl Rove, and John McCain. Like the American “neo-cons,” the UPM likes to campaign as conservatives then do the opposite when elected.

The UPM lost a big chunk of voters to the right-wing/populist Front National, causing them to lose to the Socialist party. The centrist MoDem also lost voters to a left-wing “Green” party and other minor left-wing parties. Because of an anti-democratic 2004 election law to reduce the number of Regional county seats held by the Front National, each Regional council will end up with near single party majority. The last 25% of the seats will be decided in runoffs on March 21st. The new system which was cooked up by the UPM and the Socialist party, appears poised to almost completely shut the UPM out.

For example. In Centre, the UPM got 29% of the vote and the Socialist got 28%. Under the old law the UPM would have gotten 29% of the seats and the Socialists 28%. However, the Socialists will almost definitely win the March 21st runoff in Centre with the added votes of the Greens and three different small Communist parties in that region. So the UPM will actually get 22% of the seats and the Socialists will get 46%. This situation is going to play out all over France. All because of a law the UPM helped enact to fight the “right-wing!” The UPM are looking more and more like American Neo-Cons all the time!


In 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy became the first non-French president of France by campaigning way to the right of his predecessor Chirac. Sarkozy won 31% in the first round, coming in first place, by stealing about half of the Front National voters from La Pen. However, Sarkozy has completely abandoned his conservative campaign promises and rules from the left.

The Front National only received 10.5% of the vote in the first round of the presidential election in 2007. They received 18% in the previous presidential election. The press has been declaring them done with.

March 14th, 2010 France voted for 22 regional offices. The “mainstream” French media claimed that the Front National would only get 8-10%.

The returns from Elections Régionales 2010 show Jean-Marie Le Pen winning 21% of the vote in Provence Alpes Cotes d’Azur, while his daughter Marine Le Pen won 19.1% in Nord Pas de Calais.

Bruno Gollnish, who spoke at the 2008 American Renaissance Conference, is winning 14.6% in Rhône-Alpes.

The National Front received 16% in Champagne-Ardenne. 13.5% in Alsace. 13% in Franche-Comté. 12% in Haute-Normandie. 12.7% in Languedoc-Roussillon. 14.9% in Lorraine. 15.8% in Picardie.

How France voted:

Far-Left Socialist/Greens/Communists: 53.61
Middle UPM/MoDem: 30.22
Right-Wing: 13.55

Misc.: 2.63

France has been doing a back and forth between the Socialists and the UPM, because both parties have been driving France into the ground. The strategy of the Front National is that when voters swing back towards the right again it will propel the Front National into a major party.

Each of the regions has a regional council where 75% of the seats are filled based on the percentage of each parties vote. The other 25% are given to the party that receives the most votes in a runoff of the top parties on March 21st. Prior to 2004 all seats were awarded based on representation. The election law was changed in 2004 by the two major parties to reduce the number of seats the Front National would get in future elections.

Here Le Pen trashes Sarkozy in this 2003 televised debate. Sarkozy would re-invent himself as a conservative and co-opt Le Pen’s issues for the 2007 presidential election, only to re-invent himself again as a leftist after winning.

[youtube UoaX0onCboo]