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Hate Crime Hoax, Democrats/Media fabricate fictional account of racial slurs and spitting.

During the massive TEA Party rally outside of Congress this weekend, a group of Democrats were videotaped walking into the capitol. Protesters chanted “kill the bill” as they walked by.

Now, a story that appears to be a complete fabrication has gained national media attention.Rep. Barney Frank says he was called a “faggot” and two black Reps say they heard anti-black racial slurs. One black congressman says he was spit on.

However, the entire event was captured on multiple video cameras and none of the video supports any of the claims. In fact, all of the Congressman had armed security and anyone spitting on a congressman would have been immediately arrested.

However the left-wing media is reporting this as if it actually happened. This mirrors false media reports about racial slurs and death threats at Sarah Palin rallies during the Presidential race. The stories were completely invented by radical left-wing reporters and even denied by Secret Service agents in the crowds at these rallies.

[youtube -SCs6pSE8_I]