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Hillary Clinton denies the Holocaust. Disgusting display by Obama administration.

Photo Right: Murdered Armenian children. Hillary Clinton denied their suffering at a press conference today.

Hillary Clinton, in an effort to pander to the Turkish government, denied the holocaust of Armenian and Greek Christians that occurred at the end of the Ottoman Empire.

Yesterday the House Foreign Affairs Committee voted 23 to 22 to recognize the Christian Holocaust in Turkey as “genocide.”

Today the BBC reports that Hillary Clinton is denying that the mass slaughter constitutes genocide and has called on the House to scuttle the resolution. Hillary also stated that the “Obama administration” opposes recognizing the slaughter as “genocide” and will seek to prevent a full vote on the House floor.

During the presidential election campaign, Obama promised to recognize the mass killings as “genocide.” Obama attacked the Bush administration for not supporting the resolution during his administration. If Hillary’s comments represent the official position of the Obama administration then he has completely reneged on his campaign promise. Which would be no surprise since he has completely reneged on every other promise. It would be far more shocking if Obama actually kept a campaign promise!

The main groups who have lobbied against the resolution are the ADL, AIPAC, and the Turkish diplomatic team.

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