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House Foreign Affairs Committee votes 23 to 22 to acknowledge Christian Holocaust in Turkey.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee voted 23 to 22 to acknowledge the mass murder of Christians, mostly ethnic Armenians, by the Turks early in the 20th century. Turkey officially denies that they committed genocide against Christians Armenians, Greeks, and others.

The main group that has been lobbying congress not to recognize the killings as “genocide” is the Anti-Defamation League. A militant left-wing group that claims to represent the interests of Jewish people. Conservative Jews however, universally denounce the group as an embarrassment and being a leading cause for animosity towards Jews. In reality the ADL is a 50 million dollar a year fund-raising hustle that spits venom at conservatives and files lawsuits against expressions of Christianity in public. The ADL is the main group that fostered a hate campaign against Mel Gibson and pressured distributors not to handle his theatrical adaptation of the Passion Play, called “The Passion.” To put it simply, the ADL is the most well funded and well known anti-Christian organization in the United States.

The ADL has opposed the recognition of the Ukrainian Holocaust and the Christian Holocaust in Turkey as acts of “genocide.” The actions taken by the ADL, which justifies its own existence with the Jewish Holocaust, could not be any more sinister and hypocritical.

The ADL, which critics routinely dub an “unregistered foreign lobby for Israel,” defends Turkey because of their military alliance with Israel. Turkey is Israel’s only Muslim military ally and their only regional military ally. However in recent years, this relationship has been strained and may not continue for much longer.

It is also true that historically Sephardi Jews have thrived in Turkey, with many taking refuge in Turkey after their expulsion from Spain in 1492. Historically many Jews have even held leadership positions in Turkey. However, most American Jews are Ashkenazim Jews, not Sephardi. Also, relations between Turkish Jews and their neighbors have been sour since the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. With a large portion of the Jewish population in Turkey having now emigrated. Though many Jews remember Turkey as the leading “Jewish safe haven” for 456 years where Jews were a thriving merchant class.

The reasons that the ADL has opposed recognition of the mass killing of Christian Ukrainians by the Soviets as “genocide,” is even more mysterious. It may stem from the open secret that Lazar Kaganovich is an ethnic Jew. Kaganovich is called the “architect of the Ukrainian Holomodore.” In which access to and from large areas of the Ukraine were blocked and vast numbers deliberately starved to death. Kaganovich’s Jewish ethnicity almost never appears in print. However, according to an article published by Tel Aviv University, “38.5 percent of those holding the most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses [in 1936] were of Jewish origin.” View Source.

The ADL justifies its militancy and aggressiveness by holding that Jewish suffering in the 20th century was unique and unparalleled. So much so that it seeks to deny the suffering of others. These actions have led many Americans on the left to denounce the ADL in recent years. Several towns in New England have removed ADL “No Place For Hate” signs from their towns over this very issue. It has also fostered animosity towards Jewish people in general among the left and the right. The very thing that the ADL alleges it is fighting.