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Is "Walmart Hate Crime" another hate crime hoax? Suspect may be black.

The so-called “Walmart Hate Crime” has received national attention and led to the arrest of a 16 year old boy. Police Chief Rafael Muniz and Prosecutor Sean Dalton are both refusing to name the race of the suspect. A spokesman for the local police told media that “the boy’s race is not relevant to the investigation.” Similar statements have been made by police departments in the past when a high profile anti-black “hate crime” turned out to have a black perpetrator. In fact an astronomical percentage of these high profile “hate crimes” turn out to be total hoaxes.

Meanwhile white people are murdered, raped, and beaten by black perpetrators every single day. Most are targeted at least in part because of their race. Almost none of these serious violent crimes ever becomes a national news story.

The Walmart incident occurred right outside Philadelphia. Compare it to this story. A mob of black students went on a violent rampage beating Asian students at random at a public High School. 30 Asian students were attacked and seven were sent to the hospital. Groups of 10-15 blacks attacked lone Asians.

The school district, which is mostly run by blacks, is protecting the black students from criminal prosecution and blaming the Asian students for somehow bringing the violence on themselves. This story has received less than 1% of the news coverage of the Walmart P.A. prank, in which no one was injured. The High School is 71% black and 16% Asian. Read More.