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Leftists boast that Obama's "death panels" will "save money."

The extreme left and the Hispanic lobby have been calling for the looting of Medicare so that the money can fund welfare abusers using Medicaid. This means that elderly [mostly white people] who paid into Medicare their entire lives will have benefits slashed to pay for increases to welfare abusers [mostly non-whites].

The result is that end of life care will be dramatically shortened for elderly on Medicare, and they will die sooner. It will be up to unelected panels of bureaucrats to decide which treatments they should and should not receive.  Opponents have dubbed these the “Obama Death Panels.”

Here you can see radical leftists, including a New York Times columnist joking about the term “death panel” and boasting that they will save money by denying treatments to elderly who spent their entire lives prepaying for the treatments through Medicare.

The Federal Government requires workers to pay 2.9% of their entire income to Medicare. Those who are self-employed pay a flat 2.9% of their income outright. If you have an employer, 1.45% is taken from your paycheck and your employer must pay another 1.45%. Medicare and Social Security is split between employer and employee so that most Americans don’t actually know how much they are really paying.

[youtube aogCaGv9i78]