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Major victory in the Netherlands!

The Dutch government and European media have done everything they could to stop him, but their hatred has only made him stronger.

The left-wing UK Telegraph admitted today that Geert Wilders, who is currently being prosecuted for “speech crimes,” is rising in popularity so fast he could become Dutch Prime Minister.

From UK Telegraph…

Municipal results announced on Thursday put his party in first place in Almere, a region near Amsterdam and second in The Hague, one the country’s largest cities and the seat of the Dutch government.

If repeated in national elections on June 9, the Freedom Party could win 27 out of 150 seats, becoming the largest single party and putting him in line to become prime minister and form a new government.

“The leftist elite still believes in multiculturalism, coddling criminals, a European superstate and high taxes. But the rest of the Netherlands thinks differently. That silent majority now has a voice.”

The Freedom Party currently has nine of the 150 seats in the Dutch parliament, and five of the country’s 25 European parliament seats. But some polls suggest it is now the most popular party in Holland, traditionally seen as a bastion of tolerance.

The Dutch political mainstream yesterday made clear its outrage at the election results. NRC Handelsblad, the Dutch newspaper of record, observing: “The Dutch political system, based on consensus and co-operation, is coming apart at the seams.”

Muslims in Almere, where one third of the 190,000 population is of immigrant origin, reacted with shock and anger to his party’s success, fearing his victory would fan animosity. (Notice the radical left-wing editorializing in this “news story”)

Geert Wilders is scheduled to stand before a Dutch court on July 1st, 2010 for a Medieval “speech crimes” trial. Wilders is accused of “spreading hatred” against Muslims by daring to talk about all the harm Muslim immigration has caused the Netherlands.