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Obama pledges new $4.35 Billion totalitarian race-based "Race To The Top" public school initiative.

Obama recently pledged to reward “reformed” public schools with money and punish other schools. At the top of the list is specific “civil rights issues.”

The Obama administration is calling for totalitarian race based discipline at public schools. Currently blacks students on average are three times more likely to be suspended. However, blacks are seven times more likely to commit murder than other races. This statistic alone suggests that public schools are already coddling black students. The rate at which blacks misbehave in school compared to others should be at least as high as their murder rate.

School administrators are already in fear of punishing black students, and it is getting worse every day. Yet Obama wants to make it worse. Obama’s program calls for punishments and litigation against schools who don’t improve the imbalance in suspension rates between the races. This means that schools will have to suspend whites for doing something a third less severe than what a black student is currently suspended for, or black students will have to be suspended only when they do something three times more severe than what they are currently being suspended for!

The message that Obama is sending to black school children is that they should be able to misbehave all they want. When a teacher threatens them with punishment they should scream “that’s racist,” and they will have the full backing of the president of the United States. America is starting to look a little bit like Zimbabwe.

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