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Phony "black grievances." Discounted price on black barbie doll is "racist."

As we have reported a hundred times on, the professional black race hustlers and their allies, the condescending white liberals, can not find any real grievances to complain about.

Because there are no real grievances, they have to latch onto the most absurd accusations of “racism” just to have something to talk about.

Here is another perfect example. ABC National News ran an article on this horrible “racist” grievance. Somewhere in America a Walmart put a black barbie on sale before it’s corresponding white barbie was put on sale.

ABC National News doesn’t even know what Walmart this is from, but says it’s rumored to be somewhere in Louisiana! ABC interviewed a professional race hustler from Harlem, New York that says the Walmart sale price “devalues black people.” Another race hustler from Los Angeles told ABC News that Walmart might “value blackness less than whiteness.”

ABC News then suggests that this clearance sale means that the fight against “decades of racial and economic subordination” is not over.

Walmart says that the red sticker means that the items is on clearance and about to be replaced by a newer version of the doll. The reason that the black was put on sale first is part of inventory management, to control the number of dolls on hand.

ABC then revisits a 1940 study about blacks picking white dolls over black dolls. However it fails to mention that the same study was carried out in Jamaica with the exact same results, despite Jamaica’s lack of white people. It also insinuates that the results of the test show black children have low self-esteem. This has been proven false by every sociological organization in the nation. Black children test the highest in self-esteem. Asian children, especially Orientals, have the lowest self-esteem. Whites fall in the middle. Both whites and Asians have much higher suicide rates than blacks, which matches the data on self-esteem.

American Sociological Association (Source)

Past research indicates that black adolescents consistently have higher self-esteem than white students. Other research demonstrates that self-esteem has positive effects on academic achievement. However, black students have lower academic achievement than white students while concurrently exhibiting higher self-esteem.

Meanwhile in the past week alone, dozens and dozens of white people were brutally beaten, or raped, or even murdered by black people. None of these stories warrant the attention of ABC Nation News.

These condescending white media liberals are so concerned about black children viewing “lighter skin as better.” Yet look at the people these media liberals are holding up as “symbols of African American beauty.” Hally Berry, who is a fourth Negro and has no Negro facial features. Tyra Banks, another Quadroon who has green eyes. In fact, the condescending white liberals in the entertainment industry only cast dark skinned black women when they want to portray someone as downtrodden.

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