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Saga continues in trial for SPLC/Media darling Hal Turner.

As we have reported many times in the past. Hal Turner had an internet radio show with a tiny following. He made extreme and incendiary remarks about Jews, blacks, politicians, judges, etc. Major news agencies and the far-left SPLC held Hal Turner out to be a major “shock jock” with a large following. Hal Turner was repeatedly brought onto national news shows to make incendiary comments. Then the news program would claim Turner had a big following and use him to vilify the conservative movement. The SPLC used Hal Turner for their fund raising efforts. Claiming that he was a big deal.

Then Hal Turner was arrested and charged with making death threats against three Federal Judges. Then it all came out that Hal Turner was in the employ of the FBI for years and years. The FBI paid Hal Turner to make inflammatory comments online to flush out people who may be planning violent acts.

The prosecution however holds that being a professional FBI provocateur is no excuse. The first trial ended in a 9-3 mistrial. Now the second trial has ended in a 10-2 mistrial.

However Hal Turner declared bankruptcy and can no longer afford his own attorneys. The prosecution has scheduled a new trial for next month and appointed him a public defender, and gagged him from speaking to the press.

The so-called “mainstream” media has been silent on Hal Turner during the entire ordeal. The same outlets that put Hal Turner on national primetime news shows have never even reported that he was a professional FBI provocateur.


In June, FBI agents acting on complaint filed in Chicago arrested Turner on a charge of threatening to murder or assault three judges from the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in an incendiary blog post in which he wrote they “deserved to be killed” for upholding a local gun ban.

The judges, who were not called at Turner’s first trial, testified last week that they took the threat seriously, though they didn’t request additional protection and were never harmed.

Turner testified he was merely exercising his First Amendment right to offer an opinion and that his FBI handlers had coached him on what was protected speech and what was not.

Powerful evidence of that came in the form of FBI documents which showed that after Turner opined that another Chicago judge was “worthy of being killed” in his blog and on national television in 2005, FBI lawyers concluded he was operating within their guidelines.

Turner’s lawyers acknowledged that financial reasons played a role in their parting but also said Turner wants a “new set of eyes” on the case.

The judge cautioned Turner to adhere to a gag order imposed as part of his $500,000 bail.

“You must not do anything to get the press further involved in this case,” Walter warned. “I do not want to move the case to Juneau.”