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SC Governors race becomes GOP "proxy war."

There are four major candidates for the 2010 South Carolina Gubernatorial race and each of four GOP presidential candidates have endorsed a rival.

State Rep. Nikki Haley is endorsed by Mitt Romney

State Atty. Gen. Henry McMaster is endorsed by John McCain

State Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer is endorsed by Mike Huckabee

US Congressman Gresham Barrett is endorsed by Fred Thompson

SC State Senator Larry Grooms, who attends TEA Party rallies and is very conservative, has dropped out. Gresham Barrett was a very conservative former SC State Senator, but joined the ranks of the McCain/Rove neo-cons once getting elected to congress. Haley, Bauer, and Barrett have all three been going to the hard right in the campaign. Bauer recently scored major points with conservatives by blasting welfare recipients, and then refusing to apologize.

[youtube jpb4nwfiaPY]