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Seattle's "Tuba Man" killed in racially motivated attack.

Five black teens on a violent rampage brutally murdered 53 year old Edward McMichael.

The man was a Seattle icon known as “Tuba Man,” for playing the tuba outside of sporting events. He was dubbed “super fan” by Sports Illustrated Magazine. He performed in several symphonies but said he preferred to play outside for tips.

McMichael was knocked down and kicked while he lay in the fetal position by five teenage monsters. He was fatally injured and died later. The sole motivation seems to be race. The same thugs viciously attacked two other teens the same night. Two of the perps have been arrested and they are only 15 years old. You can bet that they will be slapped on the wrist due to age and will probably commit even worse crimes when they are older.

If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in America! Instead it is guaranteed to some minor local coverage. The Seattle media is even censoring the fact that the thugs were blacks and information on the other victims is not being reported. Had the races been reversed every article would start by mentioning the races of perps and victims. Click Here.

Two Black Males go on racially motivated rampage in movie theater. One victim nearly killed.

When a white movie goer politely asked a black female to turn off her cell phone, he was pounced on and brutally stabbed in the neck by two thugs next to the girl. Two other movie goers, presumably white, were brutally beaten by the thugs when they went to the aid of the man who was stabbed.

The attack happened in Los Angeles. Click Here.