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South Korea on high alert after ship explodes.

The US Navy and Air Force could provide military assistance to South Korea with very little risk to the lives of Americans. Instead we have 30,000 ground troops on the front lines. If North Korea ever did attack, they would eventually loose big, but could potentially annihilate the US “speed bump” in the opening salvo. The loss of American lives would most likely be greater than the entire “War on Terror” so far.

Photo Right: Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War. This 2004 high budget South Korean movie is one of the best depictions of the Korean War. It can be obtained through netflicks. It is a serious western style war movie, not the cartoonish style of many Japanese and Chinese movies. It has English subtitles.

From AP…

South Korea’s president ordered the military on alert Tuesday for any moves by North Korea after the defense minister said a mine from the rival country may have caused the explosion that sank a South Korean naval ship.

The blast ripped the 1,200-ton ship apart Friday night during a routine patrol near Baengnyeong Island near the tense maritime border west of the divided Korean peninsula. Fifty-eight crew members, including the captain, were plucked to safety; 46 are missing, with dim prospects for their survival.

A 53-year-old diver who lost consciousness during the underwater mission to locate the missing crewmen died Tuesday, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said. A second diver was being treated for injuries, officials said.

President Lee Myung-bak expressed his condolences, calling the death “unfortunate and regrettable,” according to his office.

Military officials say the exact cause of the explosion remains unclear, and U.S. and South Korean officials said there was no evidence of North Korean involvement.

However, Defense Minister Kim Tae-young told lawmakers Monday that a floating mine dispatched from North Korea was one of several scenarios for the disaster.

“North Korea may have intentionally floated underwater mines to inflict damage on us,” Kim said.

A North Korean defector who used to work for the isolated regime’s spy agency also suggested that it could have been the work of a suicide attacker.