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The Real ANC

Photo Right: Nelson Mandela and Joe Slovo stand in front of a giant communist banner together after Mandela’s release from prison. Slovo is a Lithuanian born Jew, who helped run the ANC while Mandela was in prison. Slovo was made minister of Housing when the ANC took power.

Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela were both leaders of vicious terrorist thugs that carried out thousands of murders. They are not the peace loving freedom fighters portrayed in left-wing Hollywood movies. With guns provided by Fidel Castro, the Mandelas commanded a terrorist army that murdered thousands of people. Mandela was sentenced to life in prison, but is believed to have continued ordering murders from his cell. Released in 1990, Mandela was re-invented as a freedom fighter by Hollywood and America’s left-wing liberal arts professors. Hollywood and the left never mention why he was in prison.

Old British Documentary on the ANC.

[youtube v4gv7isyXMI]

ANC members burn and stomp a young woman to death right in front of Dutch peacekeepers with video cameras. Winnie Mandela was a vicious advocate of “necklacing” blacks who opposed the ANC. A form of execution where a gasoline soaked tire is placed around a person and set on fire.

In 1989 Winnie Mandela’s personal bodyguards kidnapped and murdered a black 14 year old boy. Winnie was sentenced to six years in prison for her role in the murder in 1991, but freed when the country was turned over to the ANC.

[youtube Sf39waktLVQ]