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The Super-Hypocrites: ADL

The ADL is one of the biggest and most well funded radical left-wing outfits in the United States. They are major advocates of open borders, 3rd world immigrants, and amnesty.

Yet today these hypocrites, who claim to represent Jewish interests, complained to the Obama administration that foreigners are harassing Jews on college campuses.

ADL head Toad Abe Foxman issued the following statement:

ADL has significant concerns about harassment and intimidation of Jewish students on college campuses – including in the context of heated debate over Israel. We believe the Department of Education should use its civil rights enforcement power to investigate and remedy serious incidents in which Jewish students are threatened, harassed, or intimidated to the point where their college experience is impaired.

If the ADL was really concerned about Jews being harassed by Muslims in college, they would stop being the champions of open borders.

Foxman is most well known for his war against Mel Gibson and his failed attempt to keep the Passion out of movie theaters. Foxman is a vicious anti-Catholic bigot despite being raised by Catholic foster parents for four years. He was born in Poland. When WWII started his own Jewish parents left him with their Catholic nanny. He spent four years in Lithuania with his foster Catholic family. His parents came to Lithuania to claim him in late 1944 after the Soviet Union had retaken the area. He came to America with his biological parents in 1950.

Foxman and the ADL are also the leading American opponents of international recognition that the slaughter of millions of Christians in Turkey in 1915 and the Ukraine in the 1930’s constitutes Genocide.