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Two white college kids face felony hate crimes for "racist" cotton balls.

Photo Right: Horror of horrors. Two white college students face five years in prison for allegedly littering cotton balls.

Two white students, who are believed to have dumped out a bag of cotton balls in front of the University of Missouri Black Student Center, have been arrested and face felony charges. Police say they may file “hate crime” enhancement charges. Both students have been suspended from college.

This absurd story has received major publicity in every newspaper and television affiliate in Missouri for several days now. Ironically, if a black student had raped a white female student it would have received 1% as much publicity and there would be no talk of “hate crimes.”

The only crime possibly committed is misdemeanor vandalism. If the boys are prosecuted it would set a precedent that simple pranks could result in major felony charges if, and only if, the recipient of the prank is black. Imagine high school kids receiving felony charges for toilet papering a black classmate’s house. A prank that has been common in the US for over a hundred years and rarely results in even a phone call to the police.

The fact that professional black race hustlers have latched on to this “cotton ball hate crime,” shows several things.

Across the US, white people are bending over backward to make life easy for racial minorities. There is run away Federally enforced affirmative action in the workplace and vast amounts of entitlements set aside exclusively for minorities. Black race hustlers need to continue to find “grievances” to make excuses for black shortcomings, defend entitlements, demand new entitlements, and justify their own existence. Race hustling is a lucrative cottage industry that has made many people rich.

The fact that race hustlers have to latch on to something so asinine as cotton balls shows that they can not find any real grievances. There is nothing that the Sharptons and Jacksons can point to where black people are actually being mistreated. They have to invite absurd narratives to accompany harmless events to fabricate a grievance against white people.

What is the end result of this. If two students have their lives ruined over cotton balls, think of the animosity this will create. The black race hustlers and the far-left media are creating bitter animosity towards black people, not combating it. Charging the two boys with felonies will severely damage race relations in the state, and make the races more self-segregating, more distrustful of each other, and increase ambient racial tension. White people will be scared to even talk to black people, for fear that anything they say could be turned into a racial provocation.