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UC San Diego to shower Black Student Union with cash even though "hate crimes" were all hoaxes.

The UC “Compton Cookout,” which we were told that a white fraternity held to mock black people was a hoax. A local black comedian held the party to promote his comedy career. The “racist” noose found in the library to “intimidate black students” was also a hoax. Now a non-white female student said she accidentally left the noose in the library after “making knots” with friends.

Now we hear fresh hysterical denunciations over an alleged “kkk style hood” on a statue of Dr. Seuss. In reality the “hood” was a pillowcase. A rose was placed in the statues hands. No one knows the reason behind this. However, the Dr. Seuss statue is opposed by the Asian Student Union. They say Dr. Seuss drew anti-Asian cartoons during WWII. Most likely the statue incident has nothing to do with black people.

Nevertheless, UC San Diego is going to reward the race hustlers for their screams and tantrums.

The UC San Diego black student union will get more funding. Which basically means more money for the professional race hustlers working there. More scholarship money will be placed in the black only category. More money for unspecified “diversity programs.” A new “student code that encourages diversity.” More money for the Latino and Native American student unions, so they aren’t jealous of the black student union.

Expect the quality of education at UC campus to decline and more white people to flee California. Isn’t diversity great?