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UM holds candlelight vigil for victims of "racist cotton balls."

Two white students, who police said face felony tampering and hate crime enhancements for “racist cotton balls,” have told their side of the story.

They were with a group of students who were drunk and horse playing on the college grounds. They climbed on some statues and raised a pirate flag over the ROTC building. As the two left to walk home they dumped a bag of cotton balls on the ground. It just happened to be near the entrance to the black student union.

The next day, the professional race hustlers cried “racism,” and the two boys were arrested. The University just held a candlelight vigil for the victims of the cotton balls littering.

Now local authorities are backpedaling. Admitting that the felony charges they originally suggested would be “unlikely to result in convictions.” The prosecutor now is declining comments and said he hasn’t looked at the case yet.

The two white college students are now making the rounds with their parents. Groveling ritualistically before a number of local professional race hustlers. Not that it will do any good, as we have seen in the past.

Eric J. Miller, a radical left-wing law professor who says he specializes in “critical race theory,” has called for prosecutors to file felon charges with hate crime enhancements anyway.