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University cancels Ann Coulter to appease violent left-wing thugs.

Photo Right: A recruitment poster for the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI) sturmabteilung (Stormtroopers). Called “SA” for short. During the 1920’s and early 1930’s they used physical violence to stop rival political parties from holding meetings, rallies, or marches. A large percentage of the membership were ex-communist party members. The leader Ernst Rohm and several of his lieutenants were open homosexuals. The far-left in America and Canada are a modern equivalent. The only difference is Hitler probably made the SA take baths.

Vicious left-wing thugs threatened violence on the campus of the University of Ottawa if Ann Coulter was allowed to speak tonight. The University capitulated. More and more the tactics of the left-wing is the exact same as the Bolsheviks and the Nazi party. They get conservative events canceled by threatening and/or engaging in violence.

The left-wing media is aiding these thugs by not reporting on the events they get canceled. Imagine for a second that a NAACP meeting was canceled due to threats of violence. It would be a national news story. Yet conservative events are being canceled regularly due to actual violence as well as threatened violence  and the media is hiding it.

Photo Below: A self-describe “anti-racist” gang from Phoenix, Arizona. Crude, unwashed thugs who use violence to silence conservative viewpoints. They tend to live around large college campuses even though most hardcore members aren’t students. They like to be close to the live bands, easy access to drugs, public transportation, and “party scene” that surrounds large Universities in major cities. They also find support from left-wing liberal arts professors and often get free legal representation provided by local left-wing circles whenever they are arrested.