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Victory in Italy!

Despite an international attack campaign, the right-wing/populist coalition of Silvio Berlusconi and the hard-core right-wing/separatist League of the North gained a lot of ground in Italy’s regional elections yesterday.

A coalition of conservative parties led by Italian media mogul Silvo Berlusconi and the League of the North form the ruling coalition in the Italian parliament. Together they also took a majority of Italian seats in the EU. However, a coalition of left-wing parties still controlled a majority of regional governments. Thirteen regional governments were up for grabs in yesterday’s election. Berlusconi’s “Party of Freedom” controlled two, while the left controlled the other seven.

The Party of Freedom will now control four of those and the League of the North will control two.

Total Score:

Italy has a total of 20 regions. The Party of Freedom now controls seven. The League of the North two. An allied Sicilian party controls Sicily. Two regions are controlled by regional centrist parties. Left-wing parties controls 8.

Old Tally for all 20:

Right-wing/populist: 4
Centrist: 2
Leftist: 14

New Tally for all 20:

Right-wing/populist: 10
Centrist: 2
Leftist: 8

From BBC…

Mr Berlusconi’s alliance won six of the 13 regions where voting took place, final results show. It previously controlled only two.

The gains came despite a series of recent personal and political scandals involving the prime minister. [Most of which is propaganda and lies from the left-wing media.]

The Northern League, a federalist party that opposes immigration, took two regions for the first time.

Officials said turnout had been low by Italy’s standards – about 64%, eight percentage points down on the previous regional elections.


PDL wins: Lazio, Calabria, Campania, Lombardy

Northern League wins: Veneto, Piedmont

Centre-left wins: Basilicata, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Marche, Puglia, Tuscany, Umbria

Other regions:

Sicily: Controlled by a conservative regional party allied with Party of Freedom and the League of the North.

Sardinia: Controlled by Party of Freedom

Molise: Controlled by Party of Freedom

Friuli: Controlled by Party of Freedom

Trentino: Regional German speaking party. Centrist

Acosta Valley: Centrist Party

Apulla: “Green” Party. Left-wing.


Top Right: League of the North campaign poster on immigration. Middle Left: Michela Vittoria Brambilla, a leader of the Party of Freedom Photo Bottom: Silvo Berlusconi and Alessandro Mussolini, former head of the Social Alternative. Her conservative/populist was one of several that merged to form form the Party of Freedom.