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Montreal police to silence 95 year old anti-German hoax.

Photo: This monument appears at a Jewish cemetery in Cuba.  It claims that buried underneath it is soap made from the fat of Jews killed by the Nazi regime. Even the government of Israel has declared the “human soap” tale to be a myth and has threatened any con artists trying to sell “human soap” with arrest.

During WWI, media outlets in Britain and the United States falsely reported that Germans were manufacturing soap from human corpses. The claim was intended to incense the public and gain support for the war effort. After the war it was widely admitted to be a hoax.

Then during WWII, the same claim was made all over again. During the Nuremberg trials, the court was even presented with a lampshade purported to be made from tanned human flesh. After the trial, top US military brass stated on the record that the lampshade was a hoax made from goatskin.

However, efforts to revive the “human soap” myth continue to pop up.

Despite the fact that “human soap” selling con men have been threatened with arrest in Israel, a Jewish man in Montreal is hustling “human soap” in that city. Police have seized the soap and are conducting a chemical analysis.

Photo Right: The human soap myth began during WWI. Part of a campaign by the US government and the US media to vilify the German people as monsters. Here is a poster from the period that appears to depict Uncle Sam taking out his anger on a German dachshund.

Photo Left: Fictional stories of German soldiers bayoneting children for sport went hand in hand with the “human soap” hoax.

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