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As nation starves, Senegal president builds $28 million tribute to Negro race. Paid for with money from US taxpayers.

This $28 million tribute to “African Renaissance” overlooks shanty towns and piles of garbage. Its unveiling corresponds with Senegal getting a $540 million bonus from US taxpayers for “good governance.” Senegal already gets about $85 million a year from US taxpayers. Foreign aid constitutes over 1/4th of the budget of the government of Senegal.

Senegal president Abdoulaye Wade compared the statue to Jesus Christ last December. He also says he has exclusive “intellectual property rights.” Anyone using the image will have to pay royalties to him personally, not the government. Wade also plans to charge a fee to see the statue with 35% of the money going into his own pocket. This must be what Hillary Clinton calls “good governance!”

Jesse Jackson and Senegal born US rap star “Akon” will be attending the unveiling.

From BlackPlanet…

President Abdoulaye Wade has invited about 30 heads of state to the inauguration, a day before the 50th anniversary of Senegal’s independence. U.S.-Senegalese rapper Akon and U.S. civil rights activist Jesse Jackson will also attend.

Opponents of the statue — which is billed as representing Africa’s rise from “centuries of ignorance, intolerance and racism” — are due to protest in central Dakar on Saturday despite a ban on all marches by town authorities.

In the latest blow to Wade’s project, a leading imam on Friday issued a fatwa condemning it.

The $28-million statue has been criticized as a waste of money in a country with crumbling infrastructure and welfare provision, while Muslims have branded it “un-Islamic” for presenting the human form as an object of worship.

Much like Haiti and other all black nations, Senegal survives on massive handouts from white nations and white charities. Recently Hillary Clinton organized the transfer of $540 million in US taxpayer dollars to Senegal as a reward for “good governance.” Specifically, Senegal isn’t as violent as the rest of Africa, so Hillary thought they deserved a huge reward.

Though many don’t think Senegal has such “good governance.”

From Business Insider…

U.S. Representative Ed Royce (R-Calif.) told Business Insider that “Given the brazen corruption, the aid should be stopped.” “Unfortunately,” he added, “I don’t have much confidence that the funding is safe,” cautioning that Karim Wade, the president’s son, “plays too large a role in the process.”

That and other opinions expressed in the article have attracted high-level attention in Senegal. Southerland, speaking at the same “civil forum” as Dia, said there was no “change” or “retreat” for the $540 million anti-poverty award destined for the country’s rural interior (the infrastructure projects are expected to benefit more than one million Senegalese within five years.)