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Black mobs have been rioting in New York City and the media is censoring it!

Following our coverage of the Philly, Seattle, and Kansas City race riots, we have been getting e-mails about similar race riots in New York City. Once again the so-called “mainstream” media has been censuring the entire thing.

The staff at actually found more information in a black newspaper, than any other source.

From Black Voice News ( A weekly black agitation paper published in California)…

Evidence of possible flash mobs starting to occur in New York was seen this past Easter Sunday when violence broke out in Midtown, leading to the arrest of 33 people and four people being shot by BB guns. Reports indicate that the incident occurred along Seventh Avenue, with shots being fired on 41st, 51st and 34th streets.

The chaos began at the International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center. Business owners in the area said that the incident is an annual activity that takes place on Easter Sunday and appears to be gang-related.

“There’s a disconnect with youth,” said Graham Witherspoon of the Black in Law Enforcement Alliance.

“You don’t go around and destroy stuff and call it fun. This is something we really need to look at. There’s nothing cultural about this. It doesn’t make a difference who you are. It’s not a race thing.”

Concerns are growing among top elected officials who believe that the city is going backwards to a time when crime in the city was rampant. With proposed cuts to the NYPD, some are saying things could only get worse.

“While law enforcement authorities investigate the violent uprising that resulted in three shootings and dozens of arrests, we need to get in front of this growing epidemic before we find ourselves reliving the bad, old days of the 1970s,” said Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. “New Yorkers are on edge, and for good reason. With shootings up 19 percent over the same time last year and murders up 22 percent, everyone should be on heightened alert.”

The borough president added that the city cannot withstand budget cuts from Albany and that Sunday’s melee is an example of what could happen.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg denied in a press conference that the Midtown incident had any affiliation with terrorism and blamed it on gangs looking for trouble.

“The mayhem in Midtown appears to be a bunch of gang members wilding and it certainly has nothing to do with terrorism or anything else,” said Bloomberg. “A bunch of people who think it is cute to cause chaos. We have loaded the area with police, but they can’t be everywhere”

All 33 arrested were non-white. Mostly black with a few who may have been Latino. Black Voice News, instead of admonishing black thugs, attacks Mayor Bloomberg for using the term “wilding.”

Several New York blogs talk about “a return to the bad old days of New York City in the 1970’s.” That can’t be right. We were all promised that black people would stop committing crime when Obama was elected?!?!?