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Blacks cry foul! Obama to attend funeral of Polish president, but never visited Haiti.

From the webmaster’s desk…

Across the internet, black themed websites are howling over Obama’s lack of visits to Haiti. One common claim is that “even Ronald Reagan would have visited Haiti after the earthquake.” Certainly both Bush Sr., Bush Jr., and Clinton would have eagerly jumped at the chance to visit Haiti, had the earthquake occurred while they were president.

Now Obama is making plans to attend the funeral for the Polish president. This has black bloggers and activists fuming. They claim that Obama has snubbed members of his own race next door, but is going to show solidarity with white people on the other side of the world.

The staff at would not be surprised if the white liberals join in with this criticism. The Polish president was an anti-Communist activist, who helped bring about the fall of Communism in Poland. He is deeply conservative, deeply pro-family, deeply religious, and advocates hard work. As mayor of Warsaw he is most famous for banning homosexual parades. Obama is a rootless neo-communist who mocks Christianity, advocates welfare and entitlements over hard work, and is pro-homosexual.

However, it appears that Obama is only going to Poland to grandstand. Obama is wrapping up a nuclear summit, and simply plans to use his visit to Poland to promote his ideas for reducing nuclear weapons. It is unlikely that Obama will be well received by the conservative Polish. He certainly won’t be well received by Russia. Obama has violated his campaign pledges and co-opted the Bush/Cheney/Rove foreign policy plan of antagonizing Russia. Bush sought to use Poland as a pawn to agitate against Russia, even as the former Russian president was improving relations between the two nations.

Truthfully, if Obama really cared he would have picked Haiti over Poland. Haiti is in fact next door. Haitians are in fact, members of the same race Obama checked on his own census form. Obama’s visit is all about grandstanding and promoting himself, not about any real compassion for anyone else. Obama simply thought that he had nothing to gain personally from visiting Haiti. He didn’t even send Biden. He sent in the C team, Hillary Clinton. Hillary, of course, was more than happy to gush over the suffering of Negroes in a 3rd world nation.