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Canada's Governor General declares that slavery is still thriving in Africa.

Canadian Governor General of the Queen’s privy council for Canada Michaëlle Jean was born in Haiti. Today she is a prominent Canadian journalist. As Governor General she is the stand in for the Queen of England for Canada.

From Yahoo News Canada…

Jean’s statement about the plight of children in Senegal was widely reported by media in that country, where an in-depth survey has concluded that at least 50,000 boys are being exploited and frequently beaten at their religious schools.

Her sentiments are supported by a new report from Human Rights Watch, an organization that also describes as “slavery” a common Senegalese custom: Islamic schools that send children out to beg for money all day, then often beat them when they don’t return with enough cash.

The country’s so-called talibes, boys as young as four, can be seen wandering through traffic in tattered clothes and pleading for money. Because charity is considered a religious duty, people hand over enough donations to make the schoolmasters wealthy by local standards.

Jean’s visit made the front page of several newspapers Friday.

“Exploitation of Children In Senegal: Michaelle Jean Calls It Slavery,” was one headline in Le Quotidien newspaper, the day after Jean surprised some journalists at the presidential palace by making that assessment at a joint press conference with the country’s president.

Human-rights groups estimate that as many as 27 million people live in modern-day slavery – and that there are more slaves in the world now than at any point in human history.

Hillary Clinton used US tax dollars to shower Senegal’s despots with wealth.

As reported on earlier, Hillary Clinton picked Senegal to receive a $540 million foreign aid bonus this year for “good governance.” Critics lampooned this decision, but Hillary defended the government of Senegal.

The president of Senegal then commissioned a $28 million “African Renaissance” statue. The statue was unveiled just days ago. Jesse Jackson and other American celebrity blacks attended the unveiling. Within a mile of the statue lie squatter towns full of starving people.

Africans did not even build the statue. Senegal hired the North Korean Communist Party owned construction company to design and build the statue.

After Hillary showered Senegal with American tax payer dollars, some of that money went straight to the North Korean Communist Party.