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Congrats to the "Chocolate City." You're back on top (of the list of most violent cities in the world).

New Orleans is one of several mini-South Africas located inside the United States. After Katrina, this majority black city re-elected Nagin, arguably the most incompetent mayor in the US, because he promised to keep the city majority black. Or as he called it, a “chocolate city.”

CNN published a list of the “most dangerous cities in the world.” The list comes from Forbes magazine.

There is no way to make a completely accurate list. Many of the most violent countries don’t even keep track of murders. CNN does list Cape Town, South Africa using an estimated murder rate from international groups.CNN also list Kinshasa, the capitol of the Democratic Republic of the Congo based on data from international groups.

However, many other black run nations like Haiti, Zimbabwe, Senegal, etc. are a question mark. The governments don’t keep track of murders and routinely lie about it anyway.

CNN lists two US cities.


New Orleans

Three of the cities listed could arguably be described as being in a state of Civil War:

Karachi, Beirut, and  Baghdad.

Dubious inclusion of Moscow.

At least one city listed appears to be complete propaganda. Moscow is placed on the list and next to it says “most dangerous city in Europe.” Moscow experienced a wave of violent crime after the fall of the Soviet Union. Much of if was from battles between organized crime syndicates and directly related to the fall of the Soviet Union. Since then crime has been steadily decreasing in Moscow. The placement of Moscow on the list appears politically motivated. They simply wanted at least one majority white city on the list. It is extremely unlikely that Moscow is among the ten most dangerous cities in the world.

The murder rate in Moscow peaked at 18 per 100k in the 90’s. Extremely high for Europe, but nowhere close to majority black cities in the US, or scores of violent cities in South America or Africa. Moscow had a murder rate of 9.6 per 100l last year. Compare this to between 67 (NOPD figure) to 95 (FBI figure) for New Orleans. The official murder rate for Detroit in 47.6 per 100k.

Despite the election of Barack Obama and the coldest winter in 30 years, the black murder rate in the US has exploded so far in 2010. St. Louis, Chicago, New York, and New Orleans all report increases in their murder rate for 2010 so far.