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Congressman Raul Grijalva says border enforcement is "racist." Supports militant Aztlan movement.

Congressman Raul Grijalva is a hard core militant supporter of creating Aztlan, a future Aztec inspired Chicano nation carved out of Southwestern America.

From Tuscon Citizen…

Congressman Raul Grijalva was on MSNBC calling for a boycott of the state he represents in Congress. I wish that is all I would ever have to write about this man.

Now, to understand Our honorable Congressman one must understand his philosophical roots. Mr Grijalva is a proud member of Movimiento Estudiantl Chicano de Aztlan or also known by the acronym MEChA. For more information about them please see,

Just telling you that this is his philosophical and moral foundation for his behavior really isn’t enough. There are many, many of his constituents that agree with this philosophy and I met a few of the new recruits at yesterdays march. You have to ask yourself as a citizen living in Congressional District 7, is this the person you want in Congress? Do you, the voting citizen, want Raul to continue his efforts at legislatively enabling Aztlan to become a reality in this world? It would be sort of the Palestine of the Southwest. Neither governed by Mexico nor the United States, but a self governing state called Aztlan.

Do you believe that the indigenous people of the Southwest, basically the borders of the Gadsden purchase and all people who live in those borders, should be granted by Mexico and the United States this territory?

Who will be considered indigenous? Who will have lawful citizenship in this new state? Will it be a constitutional form of government? Will the civil rights of all races be respected? Will those rights be granted by God and protected by the government? Or will the rights of the citizens of Aztlan be legislated ? Will Raul Grijalva be the first president or prime minister of Aztlan? Appointed or elected?

I for one am absolutely fascinated. He already behaves like he is a separate entity from the United States. His resentments of his origins as a citizen of the United States are pretty clear. Perhaps he should be retired by the electorate and given time to contemplate his future with the State of Aztlan?

MEChA has chapters of Mechistas on hundreds of high school and college campus in the United States. Most are concentrated in the US southwest. While professional fund-raising hustlers like the SPLC and ADL howl about make believe skinheads and neo-nazis that don’t even exist, this militant 5th column ethnic secessionist movement is massive. Congressman Raul Grijalva was a member of his local chapter while attending college.

This is from MEChA’s constitution verbatim:

“General membership shall consist of any student who accepts, believes and works for the goals and objectives of MEChA, including the liberation of AZTLAN, meaning self-determination of our people in this occupied state and the physical liberation of our land.”

This US congressman apparently believes that the Southwest is an “occupied state.” Aztlan supporters routinely compare themselves to the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Even worse, the Aztlan movement associates itself with the bloodthirsty Aztec culture. The Aztec’s are literally one of the most blood thirsty cultures in human history. Chicano run charter school, which receive taxpayer money, are even teaching the Aztec language as a “foreign” language. has profiled a particularly militant charter school in LA in the past. This school, which receives tax payer money, does not teach English at all. Spanish is their primary language and Aztec/Nahuatl and Chinese Mandarin are also taught. Aztec religion is also taught at this school.

Nahuatl is used by Mexican prison gangs so guards don’t know what they are talking about. The use of “Aztec” imagery seems to permeate both the culture of the “mainstream” Chicano leaders as well as Chicano street and prison gangs.

Militant leftist/Marxist Keith Olberman and Congressman Raul Grijalva talk about how much they hate border enforcement together.

[youtube ng3s9yHFRs8]