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Do Dems have proof that Lindsey Graham is a closet homosexual?

As a US Congressman Lindsey Graham built his reputation and propelled himself to US Senator by constantly railing against Bill Clinton.

Then, once becoming a Senator he started getting increasingly liberal. Today Lindsey Graham is as far to the left as Bill Clinton on a number of issues. He is the leading Republican supporter of amnesty, even as his former handler John McCain has fled the pro-amnesty scene. He is the leading Republican supporter of Obama, going on national television to support Obama even when Democrats were attacking him.

This editor can remember when it was widely believed that a Graham homosexuality expose by Larry Flint was believed to be eminent. Flint had offered huge rewards for dirt on Republican congressman were had been calling for Clinton’s impeachment over the White House sex scandal. Flint has claimed to have a bombshell on a major Republican, but the expose never seems to materialize. While Flint could be dismissed, another distinct possibility is that Dems have the goods on Graham and simply lord it over his head.

Do you think it’s possible that the Dems have proof that Graham is a closet homosexual?

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