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European media going insane with hatred over Austrian mother of ten.

The Austrian presidential election is on April 25th. There are only two major candidates. The incumbent left of center Heinz Fischer and right-wing free speech activist and mother of ten Barbara Rosenkranz.

Currently Fischer has one of the highest approval ratings of any leader in Europe. One reason is that he left the Austrian Socialist party and has moved towards the middle. Another is the fact that Austria’s economy has weathered the global economic crisis quite well.

Fischer is considered to be a shoe in and most of Austria’s political parties didn’t want the expense of fielding a presidential candidate. Austria has far stricter campaign finance laws than the US, and even the biggest candidates work on a budget.

Rosenkranz has gained a lot of support and Austria’s largest daily newspaper shocked the establishment by endorsing her.

In the 2006 Austrian parliamentary elections, two right-wing parties took a combined total of 29% of the vote. Austria has been ground zero for the obnoxious hateful rhetoric of the European media ever since. When a right-wing Austrian governor died in a freak car accident, many “mainstream” European news outlets openly celebrated and mocked his death. When tens of thousands attended the man’s funeral, including members of the Austrian and Italian parliaments, several British papers called the funeral a “Nazi pilgrimage.”

At it gets closer to the election, we can truly see who the real “hatemongers” are. The “mainstream” media across Europe simply screams “nazi, nazi, nazi” at her over and over. Now even left-wing American news outlets like Huffington Post have joined in.

Rosenkranz is a long time icon of Austria’s freedom of speech movement. The “mainstream” media claims, with increasingly shrill frequency, that the whole reason she is a champion of free speech is that she secretly wants to deny the suffering of Austrian Jews during WWII. Currently it is illegal to dispute a state sponsored account of the fate of Austria’s Jews during WWII.

Unlike the pro-left media, Rosenkranz opposes socialism and statism. Nevertheless they scream “closet Hitler” at her. One thing completely absent in any of these leftist “mainstream” media stories are any mention whatsoever of the issues or facts.

Europe has been marching away from socialism and towards conservative/populism for the past several years. We have seen dramatic swings to the right in countries like Italy, Poland, and just recently Hungary.

While the Austrian right knows that Rosenkranz will not win, they hope to make a symbolic show of force on April 25th.