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Far-Left UK Daily Mail at it again. Purposely misidentifying Gypsy criminals as "Romanians."

A criminal gang of ethnic Gypsies from Eastern Europe was purposely disfiguring and/or crippling children to make them better beggars. The same practice has been seen by distant relatives of the European Gypsies in India.

Yet once again the staff at catches the far-left UK Daily Mail blatantly falsifying a story to its political agenda. The UK Daily Mail purposely identifies the culprits as “Romanians” to confuse the public and protect the image of the Gypsies, who are notorious for using children for dastardly crimes.

The UK Daily Mail identifies the perps as “Romanians,” “Romanian Mobsters,” and “Romanian Gang.” There is one mention that the “children were brought up in the Romany community.” Romany is a code word for Gypsy that the average person wouldn’t know, and simply assume it meant Romanian. None of the perps are ethnic Romanians. They are Gypsies.

This is the same tactic we have when left-wing newspapers describe attacks on European Jews by Muslim immigrants as “anti-Semitic attacks.” The reader is purposely made to think that white Europeans attacked a Jewish victim. When in reality the crimes are committed by Semitic Muslim immigrants.

Of course, has well documented that the US media routinely censors the race of black criminals. The LA Times even publicly admitted to censoring racial information of minority crime suspects recently.

We can not make any progress in stopping criminal activity if the media hides who the perpetrators are!

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