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Flemish demanding independence after Belgium ruling coalition collapses.

The Socialist/Liberal ruling coalition of Belgium has collapsed, and Vlaams Belang is calling for Flemish secession! Vlaams Belang is one of the premier European right-wing/populist parties in Western Europe.

Here we see the Vlaams Belang parliament members singing the Flemish anthem in the parliament building.

The current Belgium constitution was imposed on the Flemish by the French Walloons. Votes cast in Walloonia could the same as 1.25 votes cast in Flanders. The Walloon is a socialist welfare state subsidized by Flanders. While the Flanders is one of the most right-wing regions in Western Europe, they are dominated by Walloon socialists because of the constitution. The socialist have passed medieval anti-free speech laws. Flemish politicians have been hauled into court and fined for talking about immigrant crime and welfare rates.

2009 EU election for the Dutch speaking Flanders:

Vlaams Belang got 16%. A right-wing/libertarian newcomer List Dedecker received 7%. The New Flemish Alliance split from a right of center cartel and ran independently with a platform close to Vlaams Belang and received 10%. The center right Christian Democrats received 23%. This totals 56%, meaning that a new independent Flemish nation could be controlled by a conservative/right-wing ruling coalition.

Vlaams Belang has received over 25% in past, but had two competing right-wing parties this time. In previous election, Vlaams Belang didn’t have any competition from competing parties.

In French the French speaking welfare state of Walloon, over 95% of the vote went to Socialist and Leftist parties. Walloon is the most left-wing Marxist region of Europe. However, if gravy train Flanders broke away, the Walloons would be forced to change their Marxist ways.