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Geert Wilders: The PVV is ready to lead the Netherlands!

Geert Wilders populist Dutch Party of Freedom is receiving between 20%-25% in Dutch polls despite a massive media hate campaign. Wilders has even been barred from entering the United Kingdom.

The PVV received 17% in the 2009 EU election last June. Polls show they will receive over double that in the national election on June 2010.

The PVV wants an immediate halt to all Islamic immigration. They want to strip dual citizens of their Dutch citizenship, and deport immigrants who commit crimes. They also want strict limits on the number of other EU nationals who can work in the Netherlands.

The media is going all out to promote the Dutch Labour party, a socialist party that only received 12% in last year’s EU election. Job Cohen, the former mayor of Amsterdam is the new leader of the Labour party. Cohen, who is Jewish, ironically leads the party that is supporting Islam.

In 2009 EU election.

Geert Wilders PVV got 17%, the right of center Christian Democrats got 20%, and the upstart conservative Christian Union Party got 7%. A centrist/libertarian party received 11%, giving the leftists and socialists a total of 45%. These results were a huge swing for the “liberal” Dutch Netherlands, which had voted to the far left for a long time.