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George Soros fined $2.5 million in Hungary for stockmarket fraud.

George Soros is the billionaire globalist who is funding radical left-wing candidates in both the US and Eastern Europe. He funds several radical leftist groups in the US that were early backers of Obama in the Democratic primary.

Soros has been accused of pumping huge amounts of money into groups like Think Progress, Center for American Progress, and others. In 2008 Soros gave $2.5 million to the leftist Fund For America. Soros is believed to have pumped millions of dollars into the left that went directly or indirectly to support Obama. Soros also funded the president of Georgia who launched a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Ossetian minority after getting elected. Soros also funded the leftist Catholic for Choice, which the Catholic church has denounced as a total fraud.

The Soros family, who were Hungarian Jews, originally became wealthy at the end of WWII. The Nazi party seized control of the Hungarian leadership after its government collapsed in 1944. The father of George Soros changed the family name and went to work for the Nazi security apparatus. He is one of the most famous Jews to collaborate with the Nazi party. After the war ended, the family fled to England with lots of money.

George Soros worked as a secretary for a member of the Nazi security apparatus who was in charge of identifying Jews for deportation and seizing their property. His father got him the job. He was only 14 at the time. Soros has told interviewers that he feels no guilt for his family’s role. In 2003 he told a Jewish audience that his own ruthless financial endeavors have contributed to “anti-Semitism” around the world. He also blamed George Bush and Ariel Sharon for creating “anti-Semitism.”

Despite his family history, George Soros had the audacity to call George Bush a “Nazi.”