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Graham flees from Amnesty! Lieberman declares amnesty dead for 2010.

The passage of the new immigration enforcement bill in Arizona and the strength of the TEA Party movement has killed chances of an Amnesty bill being passed in 2010 says Senator Joseph Lieberman.

Radical leftists Charles Schumner and left-wing Republican Lindsey Graham had been drafting a new version of the Amnesty bill at the request of Barack Obama.

Lindsey Graham, who was already abandoned by McCain and other former pro-Amnesty Republicans, has apparently bolted from the project after renewed accusations of homosexuality.

In 2006 and 2008, the South Carolina CofCC held several protests against Lindsey Graham over his support for Amnesty. In 2006, the CofCC held a rally against the Amnesty bill in front of Lindsey Graham’s downtown Greenville office with over 1,000 people in attendance. The CofCC was the canary in the mine railing against Graham when his actions were flying well under the radar and public support for him was still high. Our efforts have finally paid off at long last!

Graham now says that Obama and the Democrats “will crash and burn” if the try to pass Amnesty. Graham says that if Obama secures the border first he will come back to the table and support Amnesty in 2012. While Graham is obviously nothing but a political whore, it is great to know that this whore is finally feeling the pressure!

Photo Right: 2006 CofCC rally against the Amnesty bill in Greenville South Carolina. It was the biggest rally against the amnesty bill east of the Mississippi River. It inspired other groups start holding rallies in the state, which eventually led to coalitions forming and the current South Carolina TEA Party movement.