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Haitian government to the West: Please stop feeding the natives!

Photo Right: Haitians are actually leaving their homes and jobs to join tent cities where everything is free.

So much free food is pouring into Haiti that the Haitian government says it’s ruining the economy and wants it stopped.

Haitians are actually quitting their jobs and leaving their homes to join tent cities where everything is free! Haitian farmers can no longer sell anything and the pitiful economy of Haitian is on the bring of absolute total collapse.

Meanwhile warehouses are packed with more aid and food. Some of the stockpiles are maintained by gangs and crime lords. Others by the Haitian government, which says it already has enough food and supplies “for the next crises.”

A total of $15 Billion dollars worth of aid has poured into Haiti from from Western governments and charities. China and Japan have sent aid as well.

This $15 Billion breaks down to over $1500 per Haitian resident. It has been repeatedly reported that millions of Haitian pheasants live off $1 USD a day. This means that $1500 would be over a four year salary.

Currently the Haitian government has upped the “official death toll” to 220-230k. In reality they have absolutely no idea how many people died. The death toll is solely based of off the Asian Tsunami Death toll. The Haitian government simply wanted to say that their death toll was higher. More realistic death tolls have been placed at 30-50k.

Photos of Haitians unceremoniously tossing dead bodies into mass graves shocked the rest of the world. The Haitian government put about as much effort into holding dignified burials as they did counting the dead. No effort!

From UPI…

Haiti has asked for a halt in large-scale food assistance and free healthcare following the catastrophic 7-magnitude earthquake, relief workers say.

“When you continue having a lot of food distributions, you lower the price of food so that people can’t trade, and it disrupts markets, basically,” UNICEF nutrition aide Erin Boyd tells CBS News, although he says he disagrees with cutting back on aid.

Another reason Haiti wants the aid to stop is because desperately poor residents not devastated by the earthquake have moved into refugee camps to receive the free food and healthcare, relief workers say.

A consequence of pulling back on aid is that relief food already in Haiti will be sent to warehouses for future disasters — a practice the U.S. Agency for International Development calls “pre-positioning.”