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Happy birthday

From the desk of the webmaster…

Three years ago on this day, we launched a brand new “blog style” CofCC website. While has been around since 1996, this was the most aggressive and elaborate CofCC website ever.

I am happy to report that in the past three years, has doubled its traffic each year.This website has become a trend setter in right-wing media, with many other sites following our lead.

Some of the accomplishments of

  1. We accurately predicted the growing left-wing meltdown over Zionism. We have been predicting  a huge showdown between Jewish/Older White Democrats and Young Whites/Blacks/Muslims. The only major conservative commentator who has even touched on this was Sean Hannity during the Presidential election. Yet Sean Hannity was wrong. He predicted American Jews would end their streak of voting for Democratic presidents in 2009 over Obama. Instead, the Jerusalem Post reports the exact opposite happened. A higher number of American Jews, 80% according to the Post, voted for Obama than Kerry, Gore, or Clinton in previous presidential elections. The battle over Zionism in the Democratic “rainbow” is now playing out on an international stage.
  2. We have been accurately predicting Europe’s march to the right for years. This website predicted a strong swing to the right in the June, 2009 EU Parliament Election for about two years before the election happened. Even as Europe’s left-wing “mainstream media” propaganda machine keeps declaring right-wing parties to be dead, we have always told the truth. is one of America’s best sources for information on the right-wing in Europe.
  3. We are a beacon of hope for South Africa’s beleaguered white minority. One of the things that the SPLC and other leftists viciously denounce us over is reporting on the genocidal crimes against whites in South Africa. Just do a search on the SPLC website. They have attacked us constantly over the years for our honest coverage of South Africa. Now, according to, is as popular in South Africa as it is in the US.
  4. Big Dogs, like Huffington Post, have aimed their cross-hairs on us. The Huffington Post is considered one of the top 50 websites in the US and one of the top 200 in the world. Its columns range from centrist to far left. They have started attacking this website on a regular basis. Recently they published an entire column solely devoted just to attacking this website. Well dogs don’t bark at tombstones. They wouldn’t be attacking us if we weren’t effective. Likewise, the CofCC and, are probably the single entity that the SPLC has attacked with the most frequency during the past ten years.
  5. We told you for years that the media was aggressively censoring the race of minority crime perpetrators. CofCC had been demonstrating this phenomenon for years before the staff at the LA Times publicly admitted that it was true. The LA Time boldly stated that they themselves censor race and said they will continue so as not to “unfairly stigmatize any one group.” However, in recent years the media has gotten even more dastardly. The race of dangerous at large suspects is now being routinely censored in the media. The media lefties would rather put the public at risk, than tell the truth about crime!
  6. A 2009 best selling book devoted two whole pages to defending this website. Ann Coulter’s mega hit, “Guilty,” devoted two pages to defending this website. In conservative markets, Walmart even prominently displayed this book. The book was released in January of 09.
  7. contributed to forcing the “mainstream” media to print crime stories they had previously censored! This website has been at the forefront of circulating suppressed news stories about brutal black on white racially motivated violence. In several instances, major papers printed these stories well after the fact and lamented “racist websites” in forcing their hand. We are proud to say that played a major role in getting “mainstream media” coverage for the three white ladies brutally beaten by a black mob in Long Beach, and several other vicious attacks and murders.