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Have you noticed the EXTREME hypocrisy of the "mainstream" media?

The so-called “mainstream” media obsesses over the racial makeup of the TEA Parties. They constantly bemoan that they are “too white.”

Yet, the same exact media censors the racial makeup of black criminals and the growing number of violent all black “flash mob” riots. Anyone who points out that the rioters are all black is immediately labeled a “racist” for noticing this.

Peaceful assembly of whites equals bad. Violent mob of blacks equals censorship and excuses.

Photo: A TEA Party. According the “mainstream” media these are evil “racists” we should all be worried about. However, we should completely ignore violent mobs of black thugs committing racially motivated violence in NYC, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Kansas City. Anyone who even mentions that they are black is a “racist” for noticing.