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Is this the end of media slurs of "nazi, racist, white supremacist?"

Terms like “nazi,” “racist,” and “white supremacists,” are all slurs used by the left and the media to silence their political opponents. It is just baseless name calling. This tactic as well as the word “racist” itself, were invented by the Frankfurt School. All new members of the CofCC get a free DVD on the history of Frankfurt School with their membership. The Frankfurt School believed that the best way to break down conservatism is to constantly criticize everything about it over and over. This is called the “culture of critique.”

Over the past two years we have seen the left-wing cries of “nazi” and “racist” getting shriller and shriller. The left uses baseless name calling to silence opponents instead of debating the facts. Some of the more intelligent members of the left have started to realize that they have taken this name calling way too far and it is rapidly losing effectiveness.

Let’s hope this new development really puts a stake in the “culture of critique.”

For the past several weeks the media has been calling reality tv star Jesse James a “nazi.” The reason he is a “nazi” we are told, is because he uses German Iron crosses and Prussian Helmets in his motorcycle and t-shirt businesses. He also builds models of WWI German airplanes and owns war memorabilia from WWII. This is enough for nationwide denunciations of “nazi.” One magazine even ran the front page headline that Jesse James is “the most hated man in America.” As if more than 1% of the US population even cared.

The message was obvious. Anyone who like Germans is a “nazi.” We’ve heard the same slur cast against people who own German Shepherds and like Wagner.

Now it has come out that America’s biggest “nazi” actually has an adopted Negro baby. He and his wife adopted the baby together before the “nazi” scandal became a major story. The baby was born in New Orleans. Jesse and wife Sandra Bullock began the adoption process four years ago. They decided they wanted to adopt a Negro baby after Hurricane Katrina. The media finally found out about the baby because Bullock filed for divorce for infidelity and is asking the court for full custody of their adopted baby.

Wow this is really some “nazi!”