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Jesse Jackson attends unveiling of "African Renaissance" Statue.

Photo Right: Some Senegalese dressed up in outlandish costumes for the event.

A 28 million dollar bronze statue, billed as an international monument to the African race, was unveiled in Senegal today. Jesse Jackson, along with other black American celebrities, attended the event.

Several other African leaders, including the brutal dictator of Zimbabwe, also attended.

The monument is supposed to signify that “Africa has arrived in the 21st century.” The monument, which was built by a North Korean communist party company and at least in part paid for by the American taxpayers, was built just a few hundred yards from shanty towns surrounded by garbage and starving people.

Senegalese president Wade declared that the last French troops would be leaving Senegal this year, and that Africans would control 100% of the nation’s land. Wade also plans to keep 35% of the admission to see the statue for himself and claims that anyone using its image must pay him royalties directly.

Meanwhile a massive protest march against the statue and president Wade took place in the nation’s capitol. Protesters are upset that $28 million was spent on a statue instead of food and housing. Christian groups protested Wade’s comparison of the statue to Jesus Christ. Muslim groups protested the statue as “idol worship.”

Over 25% of the budget of the Senegal government comes from foreign aid and charity from white nations. America is Senegal’s largest sponsor, giving the country $85 million a year. At the beginning of 2010, Hillary Clinton presented president Wade with a $540 million “reward for good governance.”